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The revolutionary double-glazed unit that keeps on giving and it’s the same size as single glazing.


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Not only is Pilkington Spacia™ the world’s thinnest double-glazed unit, it has thermal efficiencies better than most double-glazed units and Pilkington Spacia™ Cool offers thermal efficiencies similar to or indeed better than some triple-glazed units.

Remember, the lower the U-value the better the insulation:

  • Single glazing centre pane: 5.8 W/m²K (most period homes/buildings will have single glazing)
  • Common double-glazed unit currently installed in new windows: 1.2 W/m²K
  • Pilkington Spacia™ Cool: 0.9 W/m²K
  • Pilkington Spacia™ ST: 1.1 W/m²K.

These exceptional U-values, combined with its slim profile of just 6 mm (1/4”), make Pilkington Spacia™ the perfect solution for period homes with timber sash windows. The exceptionally thin profile means it is suitable for retrofitting into existing timber window frames and thus eliminate the need to replace frames in order to accommodate bigger and heavier double or even triple glazing. Another positive for this amazing product is that in most cases if a full window refurbishment is undertaken ie draught proofing etc then it is possible to achieve overall window u-values that meet or exceed current building regulations for new buildings/dwellings.

If the above is not impressive enough, then other benefits include a 6dB improvement in noise reduction compared to single glazing and a 4dB reduction compared to conventional double glazing. A 6dB reduction represents a perceived volume reduction of 34%.

We are so confident of the longevity of this product that if purchased through ENERGLAZE Ireland, its sister company ENERGLAZE UK or one of our approved installers, we will offer a market-leading guarantee of 15 years against unit failure. This is on average 10 years longer than any competitors’ products on the market and 5 years longer than conventional double glazing.

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