New Windows from EnerGlaze

Here at EnerGlaze we have always believed in designing our products around U-values. For instance, our superior range of double-glazed glass panels (Low-E-Plus2) have the lowest centre pane U-values on the Irish market today.

A U-value is a measure of heat-loss – the lower the U-value the less heat is lost and the more insulation the product/material provides.

Our new Low-Energy-Plus windows are different to other windows in that we focus more on achieving the best U-value.

Other windows focus on a combination of U-value and Solar gain. However, we in EnerGlaze believe that the benefits of the lower U-value outstrip any benefit that solar gain might provide. So, while there are indeed benefits from solar gain, it shouldn’t (we believe) be at the expense of the better U-value.

Given the weather we have just had, relying on solar gain just doesn’t make sense.

By focusing on lower U-values we can give the consumer better consistency in energy-saving rather than having to rely on the sun to be shining.

There is also a danger that as we make our homes more energy-efficient there is a possibility of over-heating in summer months again another reason why we feel focussing on lower u-values is a better approach.

Low-Energy-Plus windows combined with Low-E-Plus2 glass will give an overall window u value of just 1.1 making it the lowest U-value double-glazed window on the Irish market today.

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