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Double-Glazing Upgrades

8 times more heat escapes through old window glass than any other building material in your home

Double-Glazing — Retrofitted into Existing Frames

Upgrading the glass in your existing window frames makes perfect sense. EnerGlaze Low-E-Plus2™ can achieve thermal efficiencies in a double-glazed unit that are  70% better than standard double-glazing when retrofitted into existing window frames. Our double glazing unit retrofitted into the existing window frames will give you a U-value of 0.9 W/m²K.

Double glazing upgrades
Double-glazing upgrades


  • A warmer, more energy-efficient home
  • No need to change your window frames
  • Little or no redecorating required
  • Save up to €400 a year on heating bills
  • Costs up to 50% less than new windows
  • 70% more efficient than standard double glazing

What We Do - 3 Simple Steps

  • We survey your existing window frames and ensure they are suitable for an upgrade.
  • Once the new glass units are manufactured we agree and book a suitable installation date.
  • Our installers remove your glass, install your new heat-retaining glass and remove and recycle your old glass units.
Retrofit Low-E glass