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Upgrade your glazing and stop heat escaping through old inefficient glass

Keep your existing uPVC window frames and retrofit new Low-E-Plus2™ heat-retaining glass. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of triple-glazing and lower heating bills.

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Up to 68% better than old double glazing
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Upgrade your glass and save up to 50% by keeping your uPVC frames.

Old, cold double glazed units that DO NOT have a heat-retaining coating or argon gas between the panes, is very inefficient when it comes to heat retention. Therefore, you have to spend even more money on heating your home because the old glass keeps allowing it to escape.

Energlaze has a solution. Simply upgrade your existing double glazing to advanced Low-E-Plus2™ heat-retaining glass and improve the efficiency by as much as 68%! – without changing your uPVC window frames AND without the need to redecorate! And, as you are only changing the glass you can save up to 50% of the full cost.

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What are the steps involved in a glazing upgrade?

Low-E-Plus2 diagram

The benefits of upgrading to Low-E-Plus2™ heat-retaining glass

  • Up to 68% more efficient than old double-glazing
  • U-values from 0.9 W/m2K ℹ️
  • Retrofitted into existing uPVC frames ℹ️
  • Significantly reduces heating bills
  • Increases home comfort and warmth
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Little or no redecorating required
  • Most jobs fitted in a single day

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Energlaze are experts in all things glazing with a proven track record all over Ireland.

Energlaze Home Energy Upgrades has improved the warmth and comfort of homes all over Ireland. The SEAI do not offer grants for glazing upgrades or new windows unless they are part off a full retrofit using the SEAI One Stop Shop scheme — Energlaze is a registered SEAI installer. Book a free consultation today and get expert advice and a free no-obligation quotation.

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Important information everybody should know about their glass and windows

FAQ about glass and glazing upgrades

If you can’t find the answer please contact us here or email us at [email protected]

Will changing my glass get rid of my condensation?

This is usually a ventilation problem and cannot be caused purely by the installation of heat-retaining double or triple glazing. By acting as a heat barrier and providing an inner pane which is considerably warmer than the outer pane, condensation may be reduced. For more information visit our condensation information page.

Can I upgrade just one window?

No. We recommend a minimum of half-of-house upgrade (usually 3 or 4 full windows) to get the full impact of the heat-retaining glass. For more information on this please feel free to contact us.

What does it cost to replace my glass with new heat-retaining glass from Energlaze?

Pricing can vary based on the project – that is why we offer a free no obligation survey and quote. Get expert advice from a glazing specialist and make your home as warm and comfortable as possible. Get a free quote here

Are the heat retaining coatings invisible and permanent?

Yes and yes. The coating is transparent and microscopic so you won’t notice them. And they are hermetically sealed during manufacture, making them durable and permanent. Get a free quote here

I have alarms on my windows - do I need do do anything beforehand?

Yes. If your alarm has sensors on the window or glass, these will need to be removed. In some instances, you will need to have your home security provider remove these for you. Energlaze fitters cannot remove them on the day of fitting. Failure to remove sensors will delay your fitting.

What happens to the old glass?

All debris is removed from site and recycled where possible. The fitting team will lay down dust sheets where they are working & clean up once they are finished.