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Murrintown Co. Wexford

6kWp System, East/West Orientation + Battery Storage

Solar Murrintown Wexford

Installation Date: April 2019

Average usage for this type of dwelling is 4,000 kWh’s per year or 334kWh’s per month.

System Generation: This system generated a total of 4560 kWh’s for the year 2019

Year to date 2020: So far this system has produced 17% more electricity in 2020 (April/May) when compared to same period in 2019.

This household also installed a battery storage system which allows them to maximise the system throughout the night.

In addition, excess electricity is used to charge an electric plug-in hybrid car.


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10 Panel, 3kW System + Battery Storage (South Facing)

Galway Solar Example

This is a south facing 10 panel, 3 kW system with battery storage.

The PV Sol (software that estimates the output of a solar system) estimated the system would produce 2,455 kWh per year. This is outlined by the blue bar in the chart above. 

The system was installed mid February 2019 and achieved an output of 3,071 kWh for 2019, this is illustrated by the green bar in the chart above.

The customer availed of an SEAI grant and has future proofed their home against potential carbon taxes.

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