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Solar PV Case Study

Murrintown Co. Wexford

20 Panel, 6kW System + Battery Storage (East/West Facing)

Murrintown Solar Performance


This is an east/west 20 panel, 6 kW system with battery storage. (10 panels east facing and 10 panels facing west)

Average daily consumption is 12kWh/day or 350kWh/month (based on the customer’s previous 12 months bills)

In addition, a 9kW plug-in hybrid car is charged every second day, so 4.5kWh per day required or 136kwh/month.

Total daily consumption for both dwelling and car is 16.5kWh and total monthly consumption is 486kWh.

The customer availed of an SEAI grant of €3800 (the rate at time of purchase) and has future proofed their home against potential carbon taxes and has the option of selling excess electricity back to the grid once the Feed In Tariff (FiT) is introduced.

October was mostly grey and cloudy but the system still produced 73% of domestic requirement. When you include the plug in hybrid car, the system produced 52% of total requirement.

Solar PV Murrintown