High Performance Glazing and CO2 Emission Reduction

A recent study by TNO on the Potential Impact of High Performance Glazing on Energy & CO2 savings in Europe, showed that if by 2030, all the buildings in Ireland are retrofitted with energy efficient glazing, we would have an annual CO2 emission saving of 1193 KtCO2.

This is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 6,608 acres of forest!

These findings were based on five different types of Low E glazing and solar control glazing that are readily available on the EU market. It is important to note from this study that if these steps were taken across all EU member states, we would be well placed to meet the target of cutting greenhouse gasses by 40% by 2030 set out by the Climate Change Action Plan.

How Can Energlaze Help?

Energlaze Home Energy Upgrades can advise you on the best energy upgrades for your home that will make the biggest impact to your carbon footprint and home comfort. As an approved SEAI installer we can also maximise any grants that are available.

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