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Save up to €17,500 when you buy a combination of energy upgrades

Save up to €17,500 when you buy a combination of energy upgrades

Home with comfort upgrades


A Comfort Upgrade would aim to give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to heat retention. It prioritises a fabric first approach, meaning areas of your home such as attic insulation, glazing upgrades or new windows and doors. Comparatively, they are quicker and easier to upgrade, and don’t cost a fortune or create huge upheaval. The impact is instant as your home should feel warmer, energy-efficient and, of course, more comfortable.

A Comfort Upgrade doesn’t produce any energy (instead it prioritises keeping in the heat you produce), so the only SEAI grant available is up to €1,500 for attic insulation. But you can choose to add Solar PV at this point as it will compliment those upgrades well – and there is an SEAI grant of up to €2,100 available.

Energy upgrades - home with solar


An Energy Upgrade is for you if you already have a good standard of attic insulation, windows and doors and are looking to improve your Building Energy Rating (BER) and generate your own renewable energy. Installing Solar PV (electricity generation) is a huge step forward here. Due to the increasing cost of electricity and the introduction of the Micro-Generation Support Scheme (MSS) where your energy supplier can credit your account for excess electricity produced, the payback period has been greatly reduced. An air to water heat pump will get rid of any fossil fuel dependency and instead power your home with clean renewable energy. For a heat pump to be installed, a home must have a high BER, and usually the best way to achieve this is with external insulation (wrap). Installing external insulation and a heat pump will be more of a financial investment and will require more time to install. But the good news is there are SEAI grants totalling up to €17,500 for energy upgrades.

Retrofit upgrades - home with mix of energy upgrades


A Retrofit Upgrade is a bespoke mix of home energy upgrades to suit your particular home and circumstances. It will involve a selection of comfort (heat-retention / insulation) and energy (solar / renewable) upgrades. If your home has a very low BER rating, multiple upgrades would be required to bring it up to a minimum B2 rating, as required by the SEAI. An expert Energy Consultant from Energlaze would be happy to chat to you about your specific requirements and help maximise any SEAI grants available.

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