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How can you improve your home's BER?

Improving the Building Energy Rating (BER) of your home can make it warmer, reduce your energy and heating costs, and even increase the resale value.

Your BER certificate will come with an advisory report, here you will find areas in need of improving within your home and advice.  The SEAI offer a range of grants to help you improve the energy performance of your home. These include insulation, heating controls, solar PV systems, and getting a BER assessment.

BER improvements

How can Energlaze help?

An Energlaze Home Energy Upgrades offer a wide range of measures that will improve your BER. As Energlaze is an SEAI approved installer we can help maximise any grants available.

  • Glazing, windows & doors
  • Attic, walls and external wrap insulation
  • Replace old gas or oil boilers
  •  heating controls
  • Solar panels (electric & hot water)

Not sure where to begin? No problem. Simply book a free consultation with an Energlaze home energy consultant and will be happy to discuss what measures are best for your home.

Tips to improve your BER

Energlaze suggest making some small changes in your home that can result in not only energy savings, but an improved BER:

Replace or seal old windows
Older, inefficient glazing or windows tend to lose a lot of heat. In many cases, draught-stripping will improve this but retrofitting energy efficient glazing or complete window replacement can return highest overall savings.

Choose low energy lighting
Replace old inefficient bulbs with low-energy LED light bulbs for a noticeable improvement in electricity bills.

Check your ventilation
Reduce draughts by installing a chimney balloon in your fireplace when it’s not in use to keep heat in. Older vents may need replacing to encourage better airflow.

Get a lagging jacket
A thick lagging jacket for your hot water cylinder will keep your water warmer for longer, improving your BER and saving you money.


Estimated Fuel Costs For Each BER Rating

The estimated annual fuel costs are based on a typical occupancy and heating of the house to a comfortable level. (source: SEAI)

3 Bed Semi-D

BER savings 3 bed semi

4 Bed Semi-D

4 Bed semi D

Detached House

Detached House

Large House

Large House BER

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