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Charge Your Electric Vehicle With FREE Solar Energy

Solar PV panels generate free electricity from direct sunlight. The DC power generated by your panels goes directly to your hybrid inverter where the DC power is converted into AC power to power your electrical appliances in the home.

Using smart technology the system prioritises power to your home, with excess diverted to your battery, immersion and car charger. When you require more electricity than generated by the panels, the excess power required will first be taken from your battery storage, then from the utility grid. Your home will remain connected to the grid at all times.

Elvi EV Charger
Modular Design

A Simple Modular Design

The modular design enables easier and faster installation. It’s also convenient and easy to use. Simply plug in the cable to charge, and unplug the cable to drive. Safe and simple, so you can enjoy your electric car with zero effort, at full performance.

Future-proof your investment. When upgrading your vehicle, simply upgrade your charging cable and charging capacity. It’s easy, all thanks to its “click-on” features and modular build.

Connected to our advanced app, track your charging sessions in the palm of your hand and makes sure it consumes the available power in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Electric Car Charger
Black Option

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