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What is a BER certificate?

A Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate is an indication of your home’s energy performance. It is rated on a scale from A to G. A-rated homes are the most energy efficient and will cost less to heat than G-rated homes, which are the least energy efficient.

Having a BER rating for your home makes planning energy improvements easier, resulting in reduced energy costs and increased comfort. Home energy improvements also add to the resale value of your home. 

Who do I contact for a BER certificate?

All BERs are carried out by independent assessors who are registered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). A list of all registered assessors can be found here.

Your BER Assessor will give you an Advisory Report with your BER Certificate recommending the best energy saving improvements for your building.

BER Chart
BER calculations

How is a BER calculated?

Your BER is calculated through energy use for space and hot water heating, ventilation, and lighting. The number of occupants in the home is also taken into consideration and it will be based on the average number of occupants in homes of a similar size. 

A BER is only an indication of energy performance in the home. A BER does not include electricity used for purposes other than heating, lighting, pumps and fans.

Who needs a BER certificate?

If you are selling or renting a home then a BER is compulsory, however there are exemptions for protected buildings.  

When deciding on the best action to take when making energy efficient upgrades to your home, a BER certificate is used to identify areas in need of improvement. 

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