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LED Lighting

Save 50–70% on electricity costs

Retrofit low energy LED lighting in your home

Energlaze have teamed up with General Electric — one of the world’s foremost experts in lighting — to help homeowners save energy and save money by exchanging their existing old light bulbs for the latest in LED lighting technology.

Compare Energy Costs

OLDGU10 Reflector spotlights

Wattage 50 Voltage 220-240


NewGU10 LED Reflector bulbs

Wattage 3 – 6 Voltage 220-240 Lumen 240 – 570


Energlaze Home energy upgrades brings you the brightness and power of the popular GU10 reflector format, with the amazing energy efficiency of LEDs. GE’s LED GU10 range are all IEC sized and therefore the perfect replacement for all main GU10 sockets. The 6w GU10 is a high output reflector lamp, offering extra light output whilst still providing great energy savings

GU10 Halogen v LED Equivalent

Life span GU10 HALOGEN – Old GU10 LED – New Saving per bulb
€/15,000 hours 35 watt – €88.86 4.5 watt – €16.88 €71.98
€/25,000 hours 50watt –  €211.58 6 watt –  €25.39  €186.19

How much will LED help you save ? To find out, enter the number of 60w replacement LEDs you're planning on adding to your home.

*Based on 3 hours use per day. Electricity cost savings based on using the bulb for 15,000 hour rated life at €.18 per kilowatt hour compared to fifteen 60 watt incandescent bulbs (rated life 1000 hrs.) Average life of 60w replacement (10.5 actual watts).

The LED Difference

Here are a few reasons why LED is the future technology of lighting—compared to CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs.


Money Saving

Upgrading one fixture to LED can save nearly €5 per month.


Energy Efficient

LED uses 85% less energy than halogen and 18% less than CFL.


Instantly Bright

LED reaches full brightness instantly, with no flicker or warm-up.