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Upgrade your window glass and enjoy
a warmer home and lower heating bills.

Keep your existing window frames

EnerGlaze upgrades your windows with the very latest in energy-saving glass. We are Ireland’s leading company in retrofitting and with over 5000 upgrades to date. We are currently retrofitting between 20 and 30 houses per week.

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How does an Energlaze glass upgrade work?

First of all, we carry out a free, no-obligation survey and quotation. This allows us to test the type of glass you have in your window frames and make sure they are suitable for a glass upgrade. We offer an upgrade only if you will benefit from it. Occasionally we come across window frames that are in too bad a condition and to upgrade the glass would not make sense. In these rare instances we can offer the customer the opportunity to change their entire window using our glass and a new frame.

Our Glass

Our Low-E-Plus2™ range of heat-retaining glass uses the latest Pilkington technology. This advanced double-glazed unit offers the lowest U-value to suit your existing frames. A U-value is a measure of heat loss. The lower the U-value the better the product is at reducing heat loss. A typical double-glazed unit will have a U-value of 2.8. Our Low-E-Plus2™ unit will have a U-value of 0.9, making it 70% better than regular double-glazing.

Retrofit Low-E glass
Heat Loss Test

The heat map image above illustrates the difference between Low-E-Plus™ heat-retaining glass (upstairs) and regular double-glazing (downstairs)

Typical Upgrades

  • uPVC – double glazing upgrades
  • Timber – double glazing upgrades
  • Timber – single glazing converted to double glazing
  • Sash windows in period homes – ultra-thin double glazing installed
  • Aluminium – double glazing upgrades
  • Aluminium – single glazing converted to double glazing
  • Conservatory roof conversions