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Huawei Fusion Solar Smart Energy System

Up to €2,100 Grants available

Huawei Logo

Huawei Fusion Solar Smart Energy System

Up to €2,100 Grants available

Energlaze has joined with Huawei to bring you the Fusion Solar Smart Energy system. This fully integrated One-Fits-All Solar PV system features all Huawei components controlled by a single App. Backed by professional installation, industry-leading warranties and Free 24 hour Huawei technical support. Enjoy clean, green, renewable energy created free in your own home.

  • Optimized to deliver up to 30% More Energy
  • 2X Power Battery Ready 100% use of electricity generated
  • Latest Modular Electricity storage system
  • 24 Hour Free Support
  • VAT rate 0%


2x Power Battery Ready

For More Energy

A 5KTL Inverter allows 5KW full power AC power
plus 5KW full power battery charge.

  • More Daytime Consumption
    Inverter output full power for daytime energy consumption.
  • More Nighttime Consumption
    Inverter chargers ESS at full power for more nighttime energy consumption.

2x Battery

Max Power Delivery

Build a 10kw system with a single 5kW inverter

When you install a Huawei Sun2000 KTL Smart Energy Controller, it gives the opportunity to install a quantity of PV panels with a peak capacity of 10kW. The system is then enormously over dimensioned, so you would normally have a large flow back to the main grid. By connecting a battery to the inverter, the inverter can simultaneously supply 5kW to the home and store 5kW in the battery. The total output capacity of the inverter is then twice as original AC-rated power. The peak load on the grid is therefore a thing of the past, and the surplus is stored.

Huawei inverter

Up to 30%

More Energy With Optimizers

Without Optimizers
All modules’ performance is limited by the weakest one.

Without optimisers

With Optimizers
Each module can achieve its best performance for higher yields.



Modular Battery System

The Huawei Luna modular battery system is a string of batteries designed to deliver flexible expansion & 100% energy to your home. The system features an energy optimizer to manage charge/discharge. The battery supports power and capacity expansion. Two power control modules can be connected in parallel. One power control module supports a maximum of three battery expansion modules.

Luna2000 Modular battery

Smart Energy Control

An inverter can work in reverse – Protect against peak time tariffs

The Huawei inverter can also work in reverse by charging it at night during the off-peak tariff and releasing that energy during the day during the peak tariff. The system can therefore function without PV panels, and can be used purely for charging the battery at night and discharging it during the day. However, the efficiency is of course higher with solar energy, which is, after all, completely free.

Smart energy meter

Auto In APP Detection

All System Devices

All inverter connected devices automatically detected in the FusionSolar App.

FusionSolar App Fusion Solar App

Solar app

24x7 Support

Freephone support via Huawei Technical Assistance Center

Huawei is the only Solar PV manufacturer offering 24-hour technical support, giving you peace of mind that your system is being maintained by global experts.
The Freephone European Hotline number is 0080 03 38 88 888.

Huawei Support

SEAI Grant Information

System Rate

Solar PV System

€800 per kWp up to a maximum of 2kWp
(kWp means kilowatt-peak, which is a measure of the peak output of a solar PV system)
Additional €250 per kWp for 2-4kWp
(3kWp is €1850, 4kWp is €2100)
Maximum Grant Available €2,100

To qualify, your home must be built before 2021

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