Did you know that up to 26% of the heat escaping from your home is lost through your windows?

Windows allow more heat to escape that any other building material. “Given the same window and wall area, the window will allow up to eight times more heat escape,” according to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). The fact that the glass accounts for 90% of the area of a window it makes sense to ensure it is as efficient as possible.

Fitting new, high-performance glass such as Low-E-Plus into your existing frames will

  • save you money on your heating bills;
  • make your home more comfortable;
  • contribute towards lowering CO2 emissions.

Fitting our super-efficient double glazing into your existing frames is smart in other ways too: in most cases, there is little or no redecorating required and the work is normally completed in a day.

At ENERGLAZE, we have quickly established ourselves as Ireland’s leading installers of energy-efficient glass. To date, we have retrofitted nearly 2,000 homes.

Our own research has shown that most homeowners think all double-glazing units are the same. In fact, there are significant differences in performance and the type of glass used is key.

That’s why we use two of the best performing glazing systems on the market:

  • Low-E-Plus glass, which is up to 70% more energy efficient than standard double glazing and is suitable for use in uPVC, Aluminium and Timber frames and
  • Fineo Vaccuum Glazing glass, which is a revolutionary ultra-thin vacuum glazed unit measuring only 6.7mm. It is ideal for fitting into sash windows or other wooden frames where conventional double-glazing is not suitable. It is as efficient triple glazing.

ENERGLAZE offer a free no obligation survey and heat-loss demonstration. We operate on a nationwide basis and can be contacted on 01 9011635 or by emailing [email protected]. Further information is also available from our website www.energlaze.ie.