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Timber Casement & Sash Windows

New timber sash and casement windows with revolutionary ultra-thin vacuum double-glazing

New Timber Windows

Our timber windows, made of Sapele/Accoya hardwood, not only offer stunning aesthetics but also the energy efficiency of triple glazing thanks to our new vacuum glazing.

Timber sash windows
Timber casement
Timber Casement
Timber sash windows

New vacuum glazing

All of our timber windows (casement and sash) are fitted with revolutionary new ultra-thin vacuum glazing as standard. This impressive double-glazing, at a mere 6.1mm in width, boasts a U-value of just 0.7 W/m2K which is eight times more thermally efficient than single glazing and 10% better than triple glazing!

vacuum glazing
Timber sash windows

Retrofit option

If you prefer to keep your existing timber sash windows but want to enjoy modern warmth and comfort, we can easily retrofit this amazing ultra-thin vacuum glazing into your existing frames. There is little or no redecorating required.

Colour options

The options are endless. With colour matching technology, we can easily apply the colour of your choosing to the hardwood material.

Here is a small sample range of popular colours to help you choose the perfect colour for your home.

Colour options